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*These reviews were written by our patients, however results may vary from person to person

Hi my name is Liz Wolf. I have been coming to Dr. Olsen for a couple of months now.

I came to Dr. Olsen after searching and praying for a longtime for someone that could help me with my chronic pain. I found Dr. Olsen on youtube, for fibromyalgia.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia eight years ago and I have tried all kinds of treatment. I have gone to physical therapy, acupuncture, other chiropractors and I never received any relief. Dr. Olsen was able to pin point my issues and his treatments have been such a relief. I am able to do more things with my family, I can sleep better, and that is just the beginning!

I am VERY thankful to Dr. Olsen for what he does; he is the most kind and considerate doctor and because of that, I will continue to see him as long as I can.

Liz Wolf
Liz Wolf
Patient Testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Olsen for over 15 years and he has helped me in so many ways!!

I previously wore an orthotic lift in one shoe because previous chiropractors told me my right leg was sorter then my left- it isn’t—I, as Dr. Olsen helped me find out, just need continuous adjustments and now my legs are fine and I am not spending more money, on orthotics I don’t need.

With Dr. Olsen’s help, I, with the aid of a few supplements, cleansing (or detox) and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) has really helped me clear out the baggage that I have gathered throughout my life that was lodged and stuck in different places my the body which severely affected my health.

There are probably so many other concerns I may have had but I cannot remember! I can’t voice enough praises about him, he is seriously a miracle worker!

A word of advice: you can’t want/have results or everything “fixed” in one or two visits. Chiropractic care is a long term investment BUT it DEFINITELY is worth EVERY penny!!

Olsen Chiropractic
Lynn M.
Patient Testimonial

When I came to Dr. Olsen, I was a mess! I was taking Motrin 2-3 times a day EVERY day! Now, I do not have to take any medications AND I sleep better too!

As part of my wellness program, I decided to detox (or cleanse), I am currently eating healthier and I FEEL healthier. When I started I was also having trouble asthma. Between my allergist and Dr. Olsen I no longer have to take any asthma medications!!

Olsen Chiropractic
Frances C.
Patient Testimonial

I struggled with lower back pain especially around my menstrual cycle. Dr. Olsen has helped to relieve that pain during that time of the month for me.

In addition, I carry a lot of stress. With Dr. Olsen’s NET treatment it has helped to relieve a lot of my alignments. It is amazing the emotional connections that the body stores as stress and pain. Every time I go and do NET my pain (in a certain area of my body) always decreases or goes away instantly.

Jamie H.
Patient Testimonial

For years I have been trying to lose weight and I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. I also, had high blood pressure and was put on medications from another doctor- they made me tired and I literally was barely able go outside or make it to work! I was referred to Dr. Olsen and I was amazed on the results. I lost 20 lbs. in a few weeks and I feel great! I immediately was able to get off of all the medications that I was earlier prescribed and I feel as if I am 18 years old again- I can do things NOW that I couldn’t do before!

I would definitely recommend Dr. Olsen, not only for losing weight- but for any issue you may have. He really makes everything in the body feel right. He and his staff are always pleasant and they really give everyone a positive outlook on life and in getting the results they deserve.

Rick M.
Patient Testimonial

I have been seeing Dr. Olsen for 10 years now and I recommend him to my friends and family. He has helped me with numerous issues such as stiffness in the neck, digestive issues, Carpal Tunnel, balance and flexibility, shoulder and joint injury, Vertigo- causes dizziness and nausea.

I experienced a loss of range in motion in both my neck, shoulder, arm and wrist and he has successfully always been able to help me get it back and then some. Other chiropractors refused to treat me due to the scar tissue but Dr. Olsen treated me and gave me back the functionality of each of these areas.

He has helped treat the numbness in my hands and I really feel that I am getting results and it’s not just temporary, as I have experienced with any other chiropractor in the past.

With my issues with Vertigo he simply treated me and recommended I try yoga and I am amazed with the results!

Marlene Z.
Patient Testimonial

For the past 4 years, I have had chronic fatigue, Neuropathy, painful lymph nodes, all of which a cause for could not be determined by my Kaiser doctors. I had run out of hope of ever feeling like myself again- then I was introduced to Dr. Olsen, who immediately determined where my body and organs needed support and assistance.

First, he had me eliminate coffee, sugar, and excessive exercise, since there had been stress on my adrenal glands and they had been over stimulated for a long period of time; plus a variation of infections he discovered caused stress and imbalance to my entire system. Between those eliminations and his natural treatment of the problem areas through supplements, four months later, I feel really like myself again! I wake up with energy- I have no lymph node pain, the symptoms of neuropathy have been relieved in large part.

Kathleen B.
Patient Testimonial

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment and Relief

Dr. Olsen was recommended to me by a friend who was helped by him. I needed help with my digestive system as I suffered with bouts of diarrhea for the last couple of years and have been losing weight (which I didn’t need to).
After treatments over 2 to 3 months, I’m finally well, happy and grateful.

Patricia D.
Patient Testimonial

Anxiety Relief and Treatment – Anxiety 97% GONE

I struggled a lot with anxiety. I wasn’t sure why because I had never been an anxious person. I didn’t really know what to do. I had tried counseling, but then Dr. Olsen did a presentation at my school. I had anxiety for about 6 months before I came here and now it is 97% gone.
I felt that Dr. Olsen really listened to my concerns and guided me to getting better. I changed my diet and through treatment reduced the anxiety. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.

Anonymous but grateful
Patient Testimonial

Low Back Pain Treatment and Relief: Low Back Pain Completely Went Away

I came to see Dr. Olsen 3 weeks ago for lower back pain-that, no matter what,would not go away. With some twisting, prodding and probing he gave me a diagnosis and providing treatment consisting of a change in diet and a “special” diet supplement. He asked me to try it for a month- Well in less than one week my back pains completely went away- And I even lost a couple of pounds!

One Happy Customer
Patient Testimonial

*These reviews were written by our patients, however results may vary from person to person

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