Wearable Fitness Technology

Fitness technology has become increasingly popular. Wearable technology has evolved from simple pedometers and wrist watches to devices that connect to the internet or your…
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The Art of Napping

It has been found that incorporating a 10-15 minute nap into your afternoon schedule can improve your overall focus and productivity, thus leading to greater…
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Do You Snore?

Have you been waking up feeling tired?  Do you have trouble concentrating during the day due to fatigue? Does your spouse complain that you are…
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Wellness and Your Nervous System

The nervous system plays a major role in our health and wellness because it stimulates brain function which controls our body function. Physical treatments and…
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Cellular Detox

A cellular detox is a process which identifies the toxins in our body and uncovers our exposure to them. A healthy, organic diet is designed…
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