Conditions That Benefit from Cranial Facial Release Treatments

It is very important for people to know what treatments are meant to accomplish. For the people who receive cranial facial release treatments in my clinic, most are related to neurological findings such as sensory integration issues, ADD or ADHD, brain dysfunction issues, thyroid disorders or chronic stress. Also, when people have breathing obstructions or sleep apnea type obstructions, cranial facial release treatments can be very effective for those conditions.

When we evaluate somebody for a cranial facial release treatment, it is very important to find out which is the most concerning problem for a person. Sometimes an issue seems unrelated, but through a careful evaluation, I am able many times to see if the problem is associated with something locally.

One example is for with people with thyroid disorders. I have worked with quite a few people who present with thyroid symptoms and thyroid disorders. We often find that because the thyroid gets its message from the brain, we see that they actually have a brain dysfunction. We work with different factors for supporting the brain, and consequently, their thyroid symptoms improve.

One of those treatments is cranial facial release. Cranial facial release helps change the dynamics on how the brain is working, including in an area called the pituitary. The pituitary is surrounded by a membrane in the brain called the dura and can also get tension or pressure on it just like the other areas when we do cranial facial release. The pituitary is also the area that directly feeds into the thyroid through the thyroid stimulating hormone. Many times  we see a direct connection between how the brain and the pituitary are working related to thyroid and thyroid type symptoms.

Many conditions can find improvement from cranial facial release treatments. Brain type symptoms such as brain fog, low energy, memory type concerns can benefit. Balance issues, thyroid, thyroid symptoms, breathing obstructions, these are also more common conditions which I see in working with this related to the cranial facial release treatments.

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