Stressed Out? Stress Response Evaluations Can Help!

Stress affects our health. It affects everything from the muscles down to the very cellular functions in our body. It can disrupt our hormone functions, cellular nutrition, neurotransmitter function, how our brain works, how our nutrition works, including digestion. The impact is very broad as far as how stress can affect our bodies and our health.

Undergoing a stress response evaluation helps improve the body’s stress response because doing the test helps us to identify what patterning the body is doing in terms of stress and recovery.

The stress response evaluation is a very unique test. It evaluates the stress response in the body. It measures different parameters such as an EEG evaluation that measures brain wave activity. Then below that it measures different body areas that are being regulated by your nervous system automatically: things like heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, skin conductance, your breathing pace, muscle tension. All of those are being controlled automatically. Once those are being measured, then the test exposes you to three standardized stressors, computerized. It measures what your stress response is and what your recovery is or even if you are recovering. Depending upon if this is something newer in your life, whether your body is maladapting related to this or if it is something that has been going on for some time, we can really see what patterning your body has done, and is doing, related to this stress response.

Once we have the testing done, the results are analyzed and we can design a customized program to help that person. We can teach them ways to rebalance their stress response with things they can do outside of the office, such as breathing patterns, and inside the office with bio feedback, neurofeedback, appropriate dietary management and chiropractic or functional neurology care.

When we can change the patterning and begin to normalize that response, the body can come out of the stress patterns and then ultimately go into a state where it can rest and recover. In that rest and recovery stage is really where you can begin to get your health back, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, many times reduce many of the symptoms that you might be experiencing.

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