A Functional Medicine Approach to Weight Loss

The first step in a typical functional medicine weight loss program would be getting started with a consultation. We have the patient fill out some detailed paperwork to get an understanding of where the body is at and how it is performing. So we begin with traditional questions, but then follow up with more detailed questions or questionnaires, including one that we use called a metabolic assessment form. That metabolic assessment form assesses the different areas of your body and how they are working.

One of my preferences is also to look at brain health and nutrition. We do that through a questionnaire called the brain health and nutrition assessment form. That is essential because if your brain is not functioning properly it is going to be hard to get anything else going properly.

After evaluating how the systems in your body are performing, it is absolutely critical to look at how your diet is. We do a diet history and then begin to evaluate the foods that you are eating, both for if they’re junk food or toxic foods, as well as if there are some foods that you’re eating that might look good, but you have issues with. That could be issues with eggs. It could be issues with gluten, dairy, corn, nightshade vegetables, as a few basic examples. If you are eating those foods, even though they may appear to be good, your body may be having an inflammatory response to them. When your body is inflamed or when it is irritated or stressed, it is not going to be able to lose weight or be healthy.

It is going through and identifying the areas to find the root cause of why you are unable to lose weight or be healthy.

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