Brain Based Therapy Helps Many Conditions

Brain based therapy, or BBT, works first by diagnosing what is happening with the brain. Once the issue is identified, our goal is to find the right stimulation to provide what we call afferentation, or that input that the brain needs to reactivate those areas that are not working properly, and also integrating the metabolic health and particularly the cerebellum. The cerebellum is like the gateway to the brain.

When we do this and identify that there are issues related to this brain function, we find that oftentimes BBT is helpful for people with brain fog, with decreased processing, and those having trouble finding words. Sometimes people with ADD or ADHD can find a really great benefit from it. People with concussions get fantastic results with this brain based therapy as well.

On the more physical side, BBT is helpful for people experiencing insomnia, chronic pain, vertigo, dizziness issues, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, disc bulges and disc herniations. These are some of the conditions that respond very well to brain based therapy.

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