Get Healthy with a Cellular Detox

To explain the main reason someone should consider a cellular detox and describe how they would get started, would start with understanding why we are toxic. Most of the time, realizing that we are in a toxic environment, from the air that we breathe to the food that we are consuming including the pesticides, the better that we do managing that toxicity, the less there is a need for it.

But whether it is symptomatic or not, toxicity is a reality for the environment that we are living in now. So, things that you might be experiencing such as resistance to weight loss (where you’ve reduced your diet and you’re exercising but you just can’t get that weight off) may be attributed to toxicity. Very commonly, you are toxic. And very commonly, that exercise that you’re doing and or the food that you’re consuming in that process, may also be making you even more toxic.

Some of the main reasons people seek out the detox process is increased pain and inflammation. A very characteristic side topic of that could be more migraines and more headaches. It could be digestive issues, fatigue, anxiety or depression. All are some indications there are imbalances in your cellular function and a sign of the toxicity. Other reasons to consider a cellular detox are if you are experiencing brain fog, slowed mental speed, just not being quite as quick as you were, and loss of being able to find words.

The first step in getting started with a cellular detox process is finding somebody who can take guide you through the process. Sometimes you can get through parts of it on your own, but if you have a lot going on it’s great to have somebody who knows what they’re doing, who can guide you through your diet and toxins, cellular toxicity, food allergies and sensitivity, and gut repair if necessary. All these things can be common in the process or present along with cellular toxicity.

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