Ways the Nervous System Keeps Us Healthy

There are a few important ways that our nervous system helps to keep us mentally and physically healthy.

One of the first things that comes to me with that is thinking about our neurotransmitters, an integral part of our nervous system. The neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers between nerve cells. They tend to have general categories of facilitating or inhibiting. Having a proper balance with those is essential for having mental and physical, or hormonal and brain balance.

When our brain is balanced our brain is going to basically be inseparable from how our body functions. We do have some detailed components of that. Brain health is essential for gut health. This means that if your brain is not working properly, multiple areas of your body are not going to be working properly. If your gut is not working properly, then you may potentially have issues related to absorption and toxins getting into your system and making your body more toxic. Being more toxic means you may have more physical ailments, more pain, more inflammation, more migraines, headaches and brain fog.

Another way that our nervous system keeps us mentally and physically healthy is through balance or integration. From the idea that the brain works on an input and output system, another way of looking at it is balance. If we have balanced input, we have balanced output. And that output very simply is our breathing, our digestion, our regulation of our temperature, regulation of our hormones, and regulation of our digestion.

So, the nervous system controls healthy function in virtually every cell, organ and system in the body. It is the big picture behind how everything in the body works.

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